Stratford shoal

Steve B. Losik <sblmd1@...>

Update on the stratford shoal race last 6/26/21.
Ariadna 203 and Argo 234 participated. (Both conventional mains with fin keels).
Argo got first in fully crewed class and first overall over the the entire fleet.
Ariadna won plus one division.
We got lucky with the mostly reaching points of sail and the second half of the race with building winds up to 20.
Ariadna was first to the line and directly beat on uncorrected time J112e and Tartan 101, which is a recent racy design.
Argo was in the breeze before Ariadna and used only main and genoa. Ariadna found code zero very useful.
We love our boats and still find them very comfortable and with great performance.

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