[EXTERNAL] [C400] Screw drilled through hull bottomby Rudder. Post

Frank Falcone

Hi Mark:


If you can remove the screw, a temporary fix might be as follows;


  1. Remove the screw.
  2. There shouldn’t be much back pressure. Tape over the opening with waterproof tape.  A good duct tape will probably work.
  3. Cover the screw threads with at least 3 wraps of Teflon tape.
  4. Reinsert the screw.


If you’re planning to have your boat pulled at the end of the season, this temporary repair should eliminate or minimize the leak until then. On the hard, have the leak filled with glass and a proper battery box (fiberglas) built and installed.


…your thoughts?



Frank, #247




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I’ve been chasing a trickle of a leak that creates a constant puddle in the bilge. I finally tracked it down to a screw the PO drilled thru a 2x2 wooden stringer he placed under a plywood shelf to support the start battery located just aft and starboard of the rudder post under the starboard lazzeret.  The boat is in the water  is in the water as being self frequently .   Remove the crudely built battery support and install glass in a proper battery support system while doing it see you off the screw hole all the while the boat still in the water
 I asked the folks at the marina if it was possible to seal off the leak and glass over the area successfully.  they were not very optimistic and told me the boat would have to be hauled and repaired on the hard
 I can’t really tell if at this point if it was a stainless screw or a carbon screw allthough the  screw head is definitely rusty.
  Any thoughts on how to remedy this week so I can glass in the new battery box would be very helpful
thanks in advance
Mark Wilkinson
Great Escape
400 MK II- Hull # 312