Rudder Post Leaks from screws at base of post


I have been chasing a leak that originates from the aft portion of the boat which slowly but constantly sends pungent water into the bilge. I originally thought that the PO drove screws thru the bottom of the hull to hold the battery box down but that was erroneous.  The boat is currently on a hard so today I went into the Port lazaret at the stern to remove the battery and the battery box. The rusty screw identified earlier did not pass through the 2 x 2.  The 2 x 2 was bedded with some sort of sealant and the screw did not penetrate the hull.  But I did find a source of the leak(s).  At the very base of the rudder post on either side I found what looks like a hole drilled in the rudder post at the very base just above the inside surface of the hull (one on the starboard side and one on the port side) what appeared to be some type of epoxy or putty with a nonferrous screw going to the center of it. Both “epoxy plugs” showed extensive discoloration where they had been leaking.  My best guess is that either Catalina or the previous owner elected to drive the screws in to hold the rudder bushing in place while the rudder was being worked on, but this is just a wild guess.  

Now I need to determine how to fix this mess.  Do I remove the screw drill out the epoxy and re-epoxy it?  Are the screws holding the bushing in place and keeping it from dropping down to the top of the rudder blade? Do I need to drive wedges on top of the rotor blade to hold a bushing up while I repair the leak?
I have attached several photos below and hopes that somebody can tell me if they’ve seen this before and a best fix

Mark Wilkinson
Great Escape
400 MK II- Hull # 312