Mast down, want to help with with Sheave sizing?

Allen W.

Anyone want to help test the width of Garhauer Mast Head Sheaves?
I can mail them to you with return postage, or you can have them at a discounted price.

OR if someone has recently done a masthead sheave and is interested sending me their old ones to measure.

The Garhauer Masthead Sheaves but it looks like they’re a little narrow for 1/2” line.
I also have a sheave one size larger, but I’m wondering if the larger one will fit in the masthead slot.
I’m not unstepping my mast anytime soon, but it is possible to replace the aft sheaves with the mast up.
I’d just like to determine the larger sheave fits in the slots.
I’m a Mk1, pretty sure I’m the last Mk1 off the assembly line, so I’m in the Mk1-1/2 category with a Seldon / Sparcraft mast.
Here’s a pic of my masthead cap and a closeup of the sheaves.

In the 'sheave closeup' photo, you can see how narrow the new Garhauer sheave is compared to the OEM sheave.

C400, 1999 Mk1, San Diego, #154