Helping our Aussie Friends

Tom Weaver

First, I recently sold my 400 mkii.  Got to a stage in life where it makes more sense to rent/charter/hire than it does to own.   Artificial knees and 67 years make it difficult to crawl around the deck when the need arises.    When I purchased my 400, the rudder had two water leaks from winter storage and water inside the skin.  I purchased the boat from a Catalina dealer and the dealer included a new rudder which I had installed.   I kept the old rudder for some reason and the new owner does not want it.   We all have friends, Anthea and Peter, on the Catalina 400 Irresistible.  They lost their rudder recently (pictures available on the Catalina 400 Facebook Group).   Evidently Catalina cannot make a new rudder for them due to stainless steel shortages and cannot deliver a replacement rudder for several months.     I will give my rudder to Peter and Anthea, they will pay shipping.   Please, anyone having ideas on economical ways to get the rudder from Panama City, FL, to Cardwell, Queensland Australia, please send a note.   The rudder weighs well over 300 pounds, is about 8 feet long, with the blade being about 30 inches wide and 6 inches deep.   I can arrange to have it strapped to a pallet.  So far FedEx quoted over $7500 to get the rudder to Cardwell.    Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.