[EXTERNAL] Re: [C400] has anyone removed pedestal covers?

Frank Falcone

C400 Colleagues:


I had my hand grabs custom built and installed them with spaces at the bottom to allow the cockpit cushions to fit as originally intended. I mounted the grab rails ‘horizontally’ with 4 thru bolts on each. I needed to remove the large overheard plate in the aft cabin in order to get to the thru bolts. I, then, had backing cushions custom made to slip over the hand grabs. It all looks and works fine! I’ll be happy to send photographs when the season begins.






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Quick question for those who have these.  Is there a way to mount them and still have the cockpit cushion underneath?  I'm worried that if I install these that the cockpit cushion will not sit properly.  Before Mike builds them, I can still make changes to the design and perhaps make them shorter.

Jim, I just spoke to Mike again today and he seemed to be familiar with exactly what I was ordering-they do make these custom.