[EXTERNAL] [C400] Catalina 400 - interested in new or used 135 Genoa sail

Frank Falcone

Hi Dave:


Thanks for your input. We have hull #247. We also have a 155 genoa. I’ve concluded, after years of sailing, analyzing, debating, reading, etc., that the 155 is overpowering our C400s. The 135 Genoa is, I now believe, the correct head sail for our boats. I’d also like to find a good used 135 genoa, specifically built for a Catalina 400. OR, how about having our 155s trimmed down to the size of 135s? Is that possible?


…looking forward to thoughts, ideas and input!



Frank, #247



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Hi everyone,

We have Hull #266 that came with a 155 genoa. We have our 2 golden retrievers on board frequently so want to downsize our head sail to 135. Does anyone have a new or used 135 they are looking to sell?

Also, can anyone recommend a good source for a new one if we can't find a used one? We mostly day sail in Raritan Bay, NJ with occasional cruising in LI Sound so don't really need anything high performance.

Dara Sperber