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Frank Falcone

Hi Gaetan:


WOW, you should be a surgeon, I think! The process which you employed to get the backing plates in position is extremely creative and novel! And, it required lots of patience and care. …hats off to you, Gaetan! Is your C400 a MARK I or a MARK II? My boat, SILVER EAGLE #247, is a Mark II.   …just wondering if the construction process for the deck stanchions for the Mark I and the Mark II is the same. I am planning to use the butyl tape. I’ve ordered it. Thanks so much for your thorough guidance.


….love your sketch!!





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Hello Frank


I did this job few years ago On Selena C400 Hull 115. I found 2 problems with the way that the stanchions are installed, First, itsn't a good idea to have Alu and SS in contact, so you need to isolate the 2 metal to avoid corrosion, I saw a picture where the rail on C400 was very damaged. Second, the screw directly on fiberglass isn't very strong and in my boat few stanchion was very weak and leak also. 


I dissabled almost all stanchion and replace it with a back plate of wood under the deck. We need to be very patient to do that because the access isn't very easy. I used a weed eater thread from the holes from the deck, I was able to lift the wood backplate at the right place. In this way, the stanchion are screw in the back plate and it was very strong. I used Butyl to seal the stanchion on the deck, no more leak and it's very strong now. With butyl, you have to tighten again few time in the beginning. The good thing with the butyl, if you have to dismount again the stanchion it's very easy. Also the butyl is more elastic then the caulking so it's keep the sealing property.


For some stanchion it was pretty easy, but for other it was pretty hard, particulary in the galley where I had to remove the top cabinet.


But I'm happy to do that and solve this problem.


Hoping that could be useful for you


I have had a sketch of the job.




Selena Hull 115



Gaetan Quevillon
Selena 1
Hull 115