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Frank Falcone

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I have  Catalina 400#80 and they do not use nuts but in my experience they are in backing plates or screwed into the fiberglass. If you unscrew from a backing place it could be difficult as a stainless steel screw will weld itself to an aluminum backing plate 
Over the years. And you could break the screw. The ones screwed into fiberglass are easier to get out.

Dave Z.

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C400 Colleagues:over the years


Can any of you offer some guidance and/or advice based on experience with REBEDDING C400 deck stanchions? I need to rebed at least 1 stanchion, maybe 2, and I’m wondering if I can complete that entire project from topside. If the stanchions are bolted into backing plates which are molded into the fiberglas deck below the surface of the deck; then, I think it’s possible to do the rebedding without worrying about removing nuts, washers, etc. from below the deck. It’s really hard, almost impossible, to reach the bolts from under the deck.


Any guidance and/or advice would be great!


Thanks so much!