C400 MkI (Hull#36) Mast Boot Leaking


I was wondering if anyone has replaced their mast boot on a MkI (keel stepped) rig recently. I'm having trouble finding exactly what boot i need on my recently purchased C400 #36. Also, is it normal to be able to see the 'rubber mast shims' between the hull and mast from inside the boat (above the dining table)? Should there be a cover or anything that I may be missing? Many thanks for any advice.

1995 Hull #36


Stuart -

I just replaced the master boot on my Mk1 (hull #16).  

are used a boat that I got on Amazon

 USAMADE Vinyl Mast Boot - Protect Your Boat from Drips Down The Mast - for Masts 23 in and Larger with Mast Collars of Up to 37 in (23 in Masts) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QMXBXFN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_dezNO48G6UJ7J

I am not aware of any cover for the inside of the boat, although I’d love to get one to cover the rubber shims.

SV Larimar
C400 Mk1, hull 16