[EXTERNAL] Re: [C400] B&G AWS & TWA not working

Frank Falcone

C400 Colleagues:


..no junction box in our bilge, #247. A few years ago, my wind instrument stopped working. I needed to replace the equipment at the top of the mast.



Frank; SILVER EAGLE #247


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Do you have a junction box in the bilge?  Ours was supposed to be water proof but a PO didn’t install it correctly. Lots of corrosion after being wet for years. 

Dale Whitley

On Oct 29, 2021, at 3:56 PM, ryck J <ryckjohnson@...> wrote:

Hi All,
Recently my Aparent Wind Speed (AWS) and True Wind Angle (TWA)stopped working. 
TWA always indicates 180 degrees and AWS is always zero.

Any idea what has failed?

Appreciate any help!

SV Cravn Wind #169