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Frank Falcone

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I just replaced mine in April.  Took out the 20 year old (and way too big) 11 gallon Seaward and replaced it with a 6 gallon Kuuma.  It was $316 on fleabay.  I originally wanted the SS model until I realized that the SS only applies to the outer jacket, and not the internals.  The tank itself is aluminum even on the SS Kuuma.  So, I ordered the alum. jacketed unit and painted it with RustOleum white epoxy paint.  I've never even come close to running out of hot water, so I consider 6 gallons enough for our boat.  If we need more, simply run the motor for a half-hour and you're topped off again.  Additionally, our marina meters each boat's power usage and its sort of wasteful to heat up 11 gallons when you only ever need 5.

Removal was super simple, even though many people say they had to cut their old heaters out in pieces.  I don't under stand that...my old 11 gallon unit easily fit thru the opening in the galley cabinet.  Took about ten minutes.  The bottom of the old unit had rust holes in the jacket from sitting directly on the floor (apparently had a leak under the sink at some point).  So I installed some new 1x1 furring strips under the new heater, to keep it raised up off the floor.  Now if there is a leak, at least the alum. jacket isn't sitting in water.  Model number is Kuuma #11812.

I also installed a new water pump and expansion tank.  The new pump is super quiet and the tank seems to eliminate pressure surges when opening a tap.  The tank also allows room for the hot water to expand, so I no longer blow hoses off the water heater (thus emptying my precious water into the bilge).  Like Morgan said...I also have a lot more storage under the sink now.

Old one...bottom nearly rotted out...

New 6-gallon compared to the old 11-gallon...

New pump & expansion tank...