Anti-Siphon Loop



I believe that you're correct.  There's supposed to be about 16" from the WL to the bottom of the siphon loop and there is no way that minimum can be met inside the engine space.

Tom Sokoloski

"Also a related question for Tom...
Not to hijack the regulator discussion but, Does that other white box contain your anti-siphon rig? 

Reason I ask is that my anti-siphon loop is located entirely below that flat platform...within the engine compartment.  When I slide the front clamshell on/off over the motor, the top of it just barely clears the vent fitting.  My Mk I boat has a Westerbeke-42, and I have been head-scratching a "steam from exhaust" issue.  The motor runs fine and stays cool...but we have a steam cloud that frequently follows behind our boat during certain weather conditions.  After seeing Juniper's companionway steps...I am now wondering if my steam issue (hot exhaust temps) is due to the anti-siphon fitting being mounted too low?  Might start another thread on this."

Yes, the white box on the left in my photos contains my anti-siphon loop. It came from the factory that way. Not sure why there was a change, but there must have been a reason. Perhaps because if the loop were below the top of the engine box, it might be too close to the waterline (or below it?)???