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Lou Helmuth

Thank you, Jim.  Your experiences and descriptions are super helpful to my decision making.  I really appreciate the help.

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In pic 3 you see the crossbar assembly used by this davit company. It is nice as it is strong enough to keep the davits from swinging side to side in rolling seas. You also can see some wires on the left which go to a 135W solar panel, which was removed for the winter.

Pic 4 shows the dinghy hanging, which is with the stern lower, to allow rain water to exit a drain in the transom. In the lower left is a stainless tube at an angle down right to left, which is a brace from the stern rail to the stern platform. There is another one of the port side - these are there to provide support to the stern rail, what with the load of the outboard and the dingy on the davits. You also see that the ladder used over the stern is short. I had it cut and hinged, so that with the dingy fully lifted on the davits, I could put the ladder up and down into the water. I put it down and them swing the lower section into the water. A line to the lower section allows folding that section back up and swinging the ladder up to the position shown. If I want, I can then swing the lower section up and close the brackets on each side which keep the ladder from swinging down unexpectedly.

OK, that concludes my commentary on the matter of davits. One added item - in Pic 4, you can see the oars of the rigid bottom dinghy. Looking to the right you see a white extension of the oars. It seems to me that most dinghy manufacturers make the oars too short. If you are rowing very far, longer oars are much easier to use and get where you are going. So, I used PVC pipe to make the oars longer.

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