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Lou Helmuth

Thanks, Jim.  Would also appreciate your photos of your davit/hoist arrangement on Tranquility II.  Thanks very much.


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I'll be at the boat tomorrow, and will take some photos of the davit/hoist arrangement, for handling our dinghy.

Jim Ebmeyer
Tranquility II C400 #14
Penfield, NY
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The receipt says 26". From memory I don't know if that is the short or long arm. 


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Did you use the long arm garhauer or the short?

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Lou and Don,
Something is messed up with the Yahoo site. Photos and photo albums are not opening up for some reason. I've attached a couple of photos, and also the diagrams I sent to Mark at Garhauer for my davits. I wanted them to be taller than the standard height. I normally only raise the dinghy up so that the tubes of the dinghy are roughly level with the top of the pushpit, but with taller davits I have the ability to raise it another 12-16" if I wanted to or needed to. When looking at the davits from above, the davits and pushpit form a trapezoid, which is stronger than a square or rectangle.. 
I installed the engine hoist a few years before I installed the davits.. The base of the engine hoist, which is a 2" delrin (?) StarBoard (?) ball, was installed where the base of the davits now are. The delrin ball and the engine hoist had to be moved forward a few inches, but it all works out. 


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I cant open it either. Id sure like to see it. I just bought hull 226, it has kato davits. Yheu usually have pictures of installs of a lot of different boats on their website. Id like tonsee lou helmuth motor lift install also. I couldnt open it. My email iscarlisledon@...

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Thank you, Tom.  Ringing endorsement and super helpful suggestions.  Thank you very much.  I can't download the photo for some reason, have tried all I can think of.  Would you mind sending me a few photos tolouhelmuth@...?  Most helpful.  Thanks again, Tom.

Snow Goose #51  

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Congrats on your new "baby".  I'm sure you will love the C400! I can answer both your questions with one word: Garhauer. They are intimately familiar with all Catalina models, and can build you just about anything you want for a very reasonable price. I have a MkII, but I THINK the stern is the same???? Maybe others can confirm. One of the first items I ordered from Garhauer when I bought Juniper was a motor lift. I had one on my C36, and it works perfectly. It attaches to the flat area just outboard of the stern lockers, and also to the inboard side of the catbird seats. When I switched from an HPIF dinghy to a RIB, I knew that I needed davits instead of hauling the dinghy up to the foredeck every Sunday afternoon. After talking with Mark at Garhauer (the son of Bill, one of the two co-founders of Gauhauer) about different ideas, I sent him a diagram of what I wanted. A few weeks later it arrived via UPS. It fit perfectly, and it works perfectly. Very sturdy and easy to use.. I made two slight mods to it after using it for a year or so. I changed one of the two block and tackles to an 8:1 purchase instead of the normal 6:1 (because of the added weight of the 15HP 4 stroke on the dinghy), and I added a permanent wire "topping lift" from the masthead to the outboard motor end of the davit.  At Mark's suggestion I added support posts from the swim platform to the inboard ends of the pushpit. The support posts are great hand-holds with exiting/entering the dinghy. The davits (with dinghy attached) have been through some nasty weather and seas, and have not moved at all. I've attached a pic of the installed davits, but can send you additional details if interested.. Hope this helps.

Tom Soko
Juniper #307
Noank, CT

Lou Helmuth

Lou Helmuth

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