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Frank Falcone

Hi Don:

You are, indeed, THE MAN!

We're so interested in your project. You're our PIONEER!!


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Finally have gotten some real progress on our conversion:

The motor has been ordered (finally): This was harder than I thought. There were two motors that we were considering: the QT20 and the QT30. The performance numbers were about the same except that the QT30 could get us to/over hull speed with more power in the top end. I wanted to go with the QT20 (just the power we needed now) and my wife wanted to go with the bigger motor for growth opportunities in the future. I couldn't debate her logic so we went with the QT30 but the extra $5k to the project costs brings tears to my eyes.

The fuel tank has been pulled: Ugh...pulling the tank wasn't hard but emptying it of 23 gallons of diesel was a PITA. I only had a small hand pump and was too cheat to invest in a bigger pump for a one time application. Long story short, the fuel has been recycled and the tank is looking for a new home. Its in great shape. I hope that someone wants it soon or I will be recycling it too. See pictures below.

The boat goes on the hard this weekend: We will be doing the conversion work on the hard along with hull maintenance.

Checking the prop shaft and prop: These are going to the "prop shop" to make sure that they are true and balanced. Bob Blood who is doing the work that requires intelligence has found that if this is not done many are disappointed with their conversion because of vibrations from unbalanced props. Makes sense to me.

Engine out next week: Woohoo! A huge step and then some clean up before the new engine gets here.

New motor in before Labor Day: Hmmmmm....probably a reach but sure does sound good.


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