Re: Magma BBQ Grill

Joe Hanson

Thank you all for the replies.    I had not thought to look at the rod holder or building an extender.     Excellent ideas.


On my stern railing I have the outboard motor mount (starboard) and GPS antenna’s (port and starboard)….


Clearly doable.



Joe Hanson

C400 MKII #164, Panama City FL   


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Date: Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 6:50 AM
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Subject: Re: [C400] Magma BBQ Grill

Here's something I did that worked out well and was easy to do.  

I mounted the grill as far back as I could off the stern rails so I would maintain as much cockpit space and wouldn't drip grease on my seats.  And I made a support strut using bimini connector fittings.  

It came out really solid.  I also have the Magma - Serving Shelf that I set utensils on.  It stores nicely in the propane tank compartment when not in use.


C400 1999 Mk1, #154, San Diego

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