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Former owner here (2002 #251) but still lurk on the group. I installed a Garhauer on the stern rail with a lot of help from the folks at the company. I might suggest you contact them directly and listen to what they have to say. When I did ours they actually called me after they shipped the unit and insisted they send an additional support bracket to ensure there were not going to be any issues. Awesome customer service and the price was reasonable.
Tim Leighton
Former owner, S/V Magic, Chesapeake Bay 

Not a great shot but shows not only the OB hoist (left center) but the arch on Magic with solar panels and dingy hoist in place.

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I installed a stainless outfitters motor hoist on the starboard side.  I don’t know how different this is from the Garhauer, but it works well.  Attached is a picture.  Note that I also added a structural support to the rail for added strength.




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The PO installed it on the stern of the boat. The ball is mounted port side of the locker on the swim platform.  I will try to remember to take a picture where the ball is mounted when we are at the boat Sunday. 


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I've been trying to figure out where to mount a Garhauer outboard engine hoist. The only place I've come up with is immediately ahead of the port stern cleat.

Anyone done this and found other workable possibilities?

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Lance Yee


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