Re: Water Pressure Pump

Ben Cage

We had the Jabsco 31755 pump and the check valve failed this past week causing it to cycle.  I purchased the Jabsco replacement for the 31755 from West Marine, the Jabsco Parmax HD-4.  It was a HUGE mistake, the pump is so loud that you can hear it outside of the boat.  I am removing it this week and I'm going to order a different pump, probably one of the ones recommended here.

I know this isn't a recommendation, but I figured I would let you know NOT to buy this pump.

Jazzy, 306

On Sat, Mar 5, 2022 at 05:16 AM, Jim King wrote:

Thanks.  My friend that was telling me about the Marco pump also said it was variable speed.  He is getting me a price on a suitable Marco pump.


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