Re: Screw drilled through hull bottomby Rudder. Post


There appears to be some light gray looking Apoxsee about the diameter of a nickel surrounding the non-ferrous screw or lag bolt that you’re talking about
I was thinking about trying to put some sealant around that material in case it’s separated from the rudder shaft tube
I won’t compromise ahead of the screw I’ll make it extractable why not coding the head or immediate perimeter around the screw head
Your advice sounds sound I’ll get some 4200 and take care of this
Thanks again

On Dec 29, 2021, at 11:05 AM, Ken <kdg_1@...> wrote:


Using JBWeld could make renewing the lower bearing somewhat difficult in the future.  The key point in fixing the lower bearing is to not use too long of a lag screw that the screw reaches the rudder shaft.  You may want to go up a size on the lag screw but not longer and 4200 or sikaflex is all you need to keep things watertight.  

If water was coming in from that hole it's my impression that someone has overtightened the screw in the past and reached the rudder shaft where the water is or your lower bearing is already loose in its mount and either needs to be rebedded or renewed.
Mark Wilkinson
Great Escape
400 MK II- Hull # 312

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