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Lou Helmuth

Lou Helmuth

On Dec 18, 2021, at 2:08 PM, Allen W. <wrenchaw@...> wrote:

Hi Scott, I have VERY detailed info on this.  I replaced mine a few months ago.

I’m right in the middle of something, but give me a bit to get the specifics to you.

I wish someone had told me the following before my refrigeration guys
started taking everything apart trying to figure out why they weren’t able to pull the new Line Set though.

Quick info:

You’ll need to cut out the bottom ‘angled’ part of the starboard locker.
I’d cut a square leaving 1” / 1-1/2” of the angled part of the locker.
(use this lip to attach a new ‘false bottom’ to the locker after the work.

The 2” PVC conduit is NOT continuous.  At the area where you’ll cut the locker bottom
you’ll find an approximate 14” section of the 2” PVC conduit MISSING (factory built that way).
And you’ll need this access to feed the new refrigeration Line Set to the aft lazarette.

ALSO, the quick-connect Line Set is LONGER than the 12’ one that comes with your evaporator.

You’ll likely need an AC guy to Silver Solder an extension, as well as calculate the extra needed freon.

I also have part numbers for the compressor and evaporator.


1999 C400 Mk1 #154, San Diego, Ca, USA

On Sat, Dec 18, 2021 at 9:21 AM scott d <Sdachtyl@...> wrote:
I have a 1998 Catalina 400 Hull #118 and I'm trying to replace the fridge evaporator and compressor.  The problem I'm having is I can't get the compressor copper wires or the thermostat wire to budge when pulling very hard from both inside the lazeratte and from inside the fridge.  Has anyone else had the problem?  I've torn the boat apart and don't see an access port anywhere.

thanks for any help

SV Zahir

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