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Lee Gerig

Hi Craig


On my boat the total angle is 58 degrees, but it’s not symmetric.  Its 30 degrees stbd and 28 degrees port.  (I could fix that by adjusting the stops, but it doesn’t seem worth it) To get the exact total angle for your boat you could bring the wheel hard to port and then put a mark on the quadrant.  Then use some device like a mechanical pointer fixed to the boat to mark that spot.  The turn the wheel hard to stbd and make another mark on the quadrant where the pointer is located.  Now just measure the part of the circumference between the two marks and divide that by the total circumference and multiple by 360.  That’s your total angle.


Hope that helps






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Subject: [C400] Rudder Angle


I'm recalibrating my rudder sensor and one of the questions is what the extreme rudder angle is on either side.  Does anybody know this?  Or have suggestions on how to measure with the boat in the water?  I was going to guess 35, but that's just a guess.




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