Re: Battery question: (Renogy, China’s, adding a starter battery)


Hi Stefan,

I think for a no-maintenance type battery, under the aft bunk would be the norm.  My start battery (and house batteries) are all flooded, so require some periodic water addition.  Not sure if it was the previous owner or the factory, but my start battery is in the small bilge area just to port of the garbage can.  To install the battery, part of the white subfloor had to be removed, but you don't see that once the wood floor is on top of it.  (Honestly - I'm not crazy about this location, but it is relatively easy to get to in order to add water.). It's also close to the EchoCharger mounted under the desk that pulls from the house to keep it topped off.

As for wiring, I changed my cabling a long while back to follow the "MaineSail" approach documented in here:  It just required moving some of the battery cables around to get the "1/2/Both/Off + On/Off" approach he talks about.  I'd already changed the alternator output and such prior.

JoyRide, #205
Bellevue, WA

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