Re: Fridge replacement

Doug Burr

Interesting ,it all depends on how long in an hour it is running . It could be quite efficient.

On Jun 8, 2021, at 5:31 PM, Paul Larter <larterfamily@...> wrote:

Hi Doug, The compressor uses about 8 amps, of course this isn’t continuous as once it’s reached cut off point, it takes ages to switch on again.
Hi Sean, The unit installed is the AW480. It is delivered in two parts, the compressor and the eutectic tank with piping, insulation and accessory wire attached and is pre-charged with gas. Also all the bits required to connect to the aft water tank, small pump and tubing etc. As I have the invoice in front of me, the price was AUD 2092 or USD 1625 all up.   
        Naia 400 165

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