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Fritz Feiten

I don’t have an answer but I’d bet Warren at Catalina does.

Fritz Feiten

On Aug 28, 2020, at 11:21 AM, Frank Falcone <frank.falcone@...> wrote:

C 400 MKI and MKII Colleagues:
I’m installing new clamcleets on the deck aft of the dodger adjacent to the line stoppers on both port and starboard sides. I need to drill new holes for these installations. The line stoppers and existing clamcleets are installed on raised fiberglas pads. I’ll be installing the new clamcleets on these pads as well. I can’t use the existing holes. I’ll need to drill new holes. I noticed, when removing the existing clamcleets, that the ¼” X 20 SS bolts were screwed into holes which look like they were drilled and tapped. It looks like there’s metal (probably aluminum) under the surface of the raised fiberglas pads.
My questions are, “Does anyone know for sure what’s under the fiberglas which is the surface of these raised pad?” “Is there an aluminum plate under the surface of the entire raised pads?” I think so, since the line stoppers are also screwed into the raised pads. If so, I can drill and tap new 1/4” x 20 holes and install the new clamcleets with ¼ X 20 SS bolts.
Does anyone know what’s under the fiberglas surface of those raised pads?
Frank, #247

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