Re: Standing rigging replacement


Last September, I stopped by a very well-known rigging outfit in Annapolis (which shall remain nameless).  I told the guy what my boat was and he was very familiar with the C400, and had done several of them.  He quoted me the amazing deal of $10,500 to replace the standing rigging.  Once I quit rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically...I gathered myself and finally made it to my feet.  Through the tears in my eyes, I thanked him for his time and moved-on.  His business card didn't even make it to my car.  Moral of the story is...there is a lot of BS out there in the marine services industry.

Fast forward a year, and I have decided to do the re-rig myself one string at a time.  It honestly doesn't look like a big deal, and Seco South sounds like the place (thanks Alan).  I may call a guy in to do the final tension adjustments but, to be frank...I am so routinely disappointed with alleged "boat experts" that I will probably buy a tension gauge and do it myself.  That way I know its done right, and I have the gauge for future adjustments.  In the meantime, here is a photo I snapped from my 1997 Catalina owners manual.  At that time, Catalina was not using CAD drawings or digital manuals.  The entire thing is hand drawn or typed on a typewriter!  Shown in lower chart is the exact length, diameter, and end type for the standing rigging. 

BTW, this is for a 1997 C400, MK I model with a keel-stepped (Sparco mast/boom), with the standard stack-pack (non furling) main.

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