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Alan Johnson

I replaced the standing rigging on two boats. A H37 C and on my C400. Seaco South of Florida did both. On the H37C they did the original rigging and just sent it to me and I replaced it wire by wire. I think they also had the specs on the C400 also. As i recall replacement cost was $1200 plus labor (my own) to install. 

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Call Mack Sails they do full service rigging as well.

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I just had my standing rigging replaced this spring in Corpus Christi, TX.  Expect to spend around $4,000 if you use your existing turnbuckles.  I waited too long to replace mine (17 years) but there was no sign of imminent failure.  I have been in salt the whole time (San Francisco and the Gulf of Mexico) and I knew I was living on borrowed time.

I hope you can find a good rigger at a reasonable price.  You got your money's worth on the original rigging.

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So I'm replacing the standing rigging this year. 13 years on Lake Ontario and 7 years in Florida/Bahamas and the wire is showing rust bleeding through from the inner strands. I guess 20 years is a reasonable life.

Unfortunately the boat is in Stuart, Florida, and I'm in Toronto so I need to rely on someone else to do something I'd rather manage myself. I'm stored at the Hinckley yard in Stuart and have gotten to know the local rigger that does most of that sort of work in their yard. I'll probably just give the rigger at Hinckley the go ahead to get the job done but I would like to get a second quote for the job.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on who I could engage in Stuart.

Also wondering what a reasonable price is for the new wire, swages, and swaging effort.


Kim Chapman
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Kim Chapman

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