Re: C-400 Keel, is the lead encapsulated or what?

Mark Barendt

The saga continues, haven't got the survey yet, still negotiating.

I do have some better info though.

My broker was there for the survey, but he has not seen the survey. The other potential buyer finally got back to us about their willingness to offer the survey to us but hasn't said how much yet. 

The hairline crack did weep and It is in the keel to stub joint, trailing edge. The crack was found as the surveyor was tapping around the joint, there was a slightly different sound and the leak was encouraged by the tapping. The color of the water is being reported to me as purplish red (not rust) which ruined the brokers shirt. The broker's suggestion is that the color is coming from some polyester filler that has been used at the joint and not truly indicative of a significant problem. I'm taking that with a grain of salt.

My brokers suggestion is to make a formal offer, subject to adjustments based on survey, once accepted, buy survey and renegotiate the price considering all the deficiencies and a contingency on the keel, if renegotiation works; a contingency would be on pulling the boat and having another surveyor check the joint by actually grinding and poking.

Does this make sense?

Other thoughts or concerns I might be missing?

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