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Jim King

I also have arches with 4 x 130-watt solar panels.  Looks just like Kim’s.  Probably same company…but I don’t know who did it as it was that way when I bought it.


Very happy with it and the solar panels.  2 x 6:1 block-and-tackle davits for dinghy. 


Mine look to be slightly more forward than Kim’s but not much. 





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Fritz, I agree with your admiral about the importance of good aesthetics for your solar panels. It was certainly a large consideration for me when designing our arch. I have a picture of the setup on Quiescence which I was always pleased with. I have seen some really ugly arches and solar setups....

Kim Chapman
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Thanks for the note. Do you have any photos of your solar set up, or of the boat from a distance (e.g. the entire boat) with the solar panels?  My wife has expressed some concern about how the panels will change the appearance of the boat. Thanks. 




Fritz Feiten


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I have had solar since 2004.  First setup had 325 watts that ran my refrigeration as long as I did not have two more than two cloudy days.  I should also mention that I have six 6 volt batteries as a house bank.  I later upgraded to 540 watts and this will handle three cloudy days.  Even on cloudy days you will make up amps.  If you were able to support a heavy dingy, you should have no problem with your solar panels.  Even though I can theoretically make over 30 amps, I have installed a 30 amp MPPT charge controller that does the job.  You always have some amperage in the battery that regulates the amperage going into your batteries.  


Alan J  S/V Skol #130


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I have a very sturdy arch on my 1997 400
that has the radar mounted on it and was designed to support a fancy and very heavy rigid inflatable that I’ve replaced with a smaller and much lighter alternative powered by a Torqueedo electric motor.

I’m looking at modifying the arch slightly to support the installation of two 300 watt solar panels that are roughly 66” x 40” and weigh 40 pounds each. I could go with 180 watt panels that are 60” x 27” and 27 pounds, but the larger area and greater weight seem like a fair trade off for the additional watts — perhaps needed to keep the beer cold in a flat orientation in the Pacific NW.

Wondering if anyone has dome something similar and if anyone has any suggestions or cautions.


Fritz Feiten



Kim Chapman

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