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We also had a problem of the water heater and even the other fresh water tanks smelling like sulfur when we were away for awhile.  Used a cup of bleach per tank and ran through the water heater.  Had to flush several times to get the bleach odor out.

Found a product at West Marine that would keep the tanks fresh for months.

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Hi Ken


We replaced our hot water tank several years ago.  It wasn’t as big a job as I had feared.  We decided to replace the 20 gallon tank with an 11 gallon tank.  It was easier to get in and gave us more room under the sink. 


In terms of the sulphur smell we get that often.  It is usually because you have contamination and bacteria starts to grow in the tanks and lines.  We make up a solution of hydrogen peroxide and put it in the tanks and lines and leave it for 24 hours – takes care of the problem until we get our next batch of bad water from some marina.


If you need details ion the tank we choose, I have that on file, just let me know.






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1. Does anyone have problems with the hot water supply being filled with air/gas and smelling foul of sulphur? I’m wondering if I’ve got chemical contaminants in the tank, experiencing some sort of tank corrosion process that results in gas build up or lastly, a leak in the heating loop from the engine. 

2. The tank shows general corrosion in the exterior and I’m wondering if anyone has done a hot water tank replacement?

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